Using Your MLS Portal Effectively

  Using Your MLS Portal Effectively
           By Ron Benning, Broker

With all the available listings at your finger tips why is it so hard to find the right property?

After nearly 30 years of using the MLS, I have found that the answer is that there is just too much information available so people often lose the Right Property because it gets lost in the stack of wrong properties. So how can you make the most of your MLS portal?

By Following these 5 Simple Rules you can find that great next property Much more quickly. Than you thought possible.

1) Keep your newly matched folder empty.  The first day you should take the time to look at all the      properties and save or reject them all. If you reject them they are not gone. You have just put them      aside temporarily. You can always go back to the rejected folder and reconsider these listings. By        purging the newly matched regularly that new Great Listing will not get lost in the shuffle.

2) Use the comments feature to communicate with your Agent. The comments link is not for you to make notes. When you make a comment your agent gets an email linking your name, the property in question, and your question. This allows us to answer your questions. You might say something like:  "Do you think the rents are at market"? or "I want to make an offer on this one please call me"!

3) Have your agent refine the search. Once you get a feel for what will work or not work your agent can refine the search to Narrow the search or broaden the search so that you are getting the right amount of information.

4) Save your Favorites and go over them with your agent.  I love it when my clients do this with me. It shows they are actively engaged with the process and I can quickly go through each property with them and even do a quick rent evaluation. I know these properties and areas. Let me tell you what I know to help you make your decision.

5) When you see what you want don't delay. You may notice that sometimes a property you had saved is suddenly missing. That is because that listing became a pending sale while you were thinking about making an offer. If you are interested it is best to go ahead and make an offer. With multi- family properties since they are almost always subject to inspection it is best to get the offer in right away. If it doesn't work out later you have not lost anything and you still have all your contingencies even if the offer is accepted.

For additional questions feel free to call us at (916) 730-3846.

Ron Benning

Would you like to buy some Cherries? This simple question became the starting point for Ron Benning’s career in sales. He was only eight years old and was trying to earn enough money to buy a G.I. Joe. His parents wanted him to learn the value of a dollar & decided to have him save his own money to buy it. Since they lived near several cherry orchards, Ron quickly put two and two together. By going door-to-door and selling the cherries, he earned more than enough money to purchase the toy on the very first day. People that know Ron will often joke that he was born to succeed because he had a tremendous work ethic. But this story is more than just a cute anecdote from his childhood. It’s a lesson in the value of a hard day’s work. Ron embarked on a career in real estate at the age of 21. After four years in the industry, he opened up his own real estate firm. Ron grew his company to 95 agents and two offices before realizing that working with clients is what he enjoyed the most. Now, 30 years after his first business venture (selling cherries), Ron states, "I am finally doing what I was meant to do... Helping local families to realize their real estate dreams.

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